Restaurant Feeling Backlash from Reality TV Show

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A restaurant in Lackawanna County is feeling the backlash of reality TV fame.

Camera crews from the Food Network show "Restaurant Impossible" found quite a mess at Anna Maria's restaurant in Dunmore.

Around lunch time, Two Brothers restaurant in Dunmore was buzzing with customers and the controversy over another Dunmore restaurant.

Anna Maria's restaurant has been a popular spot in the borough for more than 25 years. Earlier this week it was featured on the Food Network show "Restaurant Impossible."

The show's premise? Struggling restaurants get a $10,000 makeover from a food network chef, something the owners of Two Brothers don't find appealing anymore.

"I don't need them to do this, especially not after what happened up there," said Tina Coar of Two Brothers.

The Food Network's portrayal of Anna Maria's wasn't flattering. The show's host called its kitchen the worst he has ever seen. The owners said they are not permitted to talk about the episode until next week, but since it aired on Wednesday they have received nothing but bad publicity.

"It looked really bad on the show at the beginning, and like I said, when I went in there I would have never known it was as bad as it was," said Mariah Rusan.

While some past Anna Maria's patrons said after seeing the show they won't try the restaurant again, others thought the dirty kitchen and the drama were played up for TV.

"I'm sure they exaggerated a bit, it TV you know?" said Mike Riccardi. "I would, I'd try it,"

Anna Maria's passed its most recent local health inspection. The Dunmore health inspector did not return our calls for comment.