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Flooded Coffee Stand Reopens in West Pittston

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One of the most memorable pieces of video from the September floods showed a coffee stand floating down Wyoming Avenue in West Pittston.

After being closed for nearly six months, that shop is now back up and running.

The stand known as Miss Kim's Coffee 2 Go belongs to Kimberly Burnham.  It is now in the parking lot at the corner of Exeter and Wyoming Avenues in West Pittston, rebuilt after the flood.

"I got nothing out. Nothing. What you see is everything is brand new except the sinks and refrigerator. We gutted it and started over," said Burnham.

Joe Sciandra stopped by for a few coffees as he rebuilds his house across the street.

For him, the pictures of the stand during the flood served as a heart wrenching reminder of the losses he would also face.

"When I was watching this on TV and I saw the stand tipped over I could just imagine what was going on in my house because I`m only right across the street," said Sciandra.

Kim said despite all the hard work getting reopened, her troubles aren`t over yet. The property her coffee shop is on has been leased out. She said as soon as the new tenants move in she's going to have to find a new home for her coffee shop.

"We've been here for seven years and it's really stressful having to find a new location now after the flood and rebuilding and spending all the money to rebuild. It's amazing I got this far and hopefully I'll find a place to go," added Burnham.

Until then, you can find Burnham's smiling face at the drive-up window every day from dawn to dusk serving up her "coffee 2 go."