Despite Health Scare, District Tournament Still On

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Despite dealing with a health scare for more than a week, the District Two wrestling matches were still a go at Lake-Lehman High School.

Several wrestlers on the Lake-Lehman team tested positive for a form of herpes, called herpes gladiatorum, which is spread only by skin-to-skin contact.

Still those in charge of the tournament promise they have taken the proper steps.

“There is still some concern out there from parents that just don`t know all the facts,” said Russ Davis, one of the District II Tournament’s organizers. “But I think we took a lot of precautions this week. We had four trainers here this evening, three doctors evaluating all the children that are participating in the competition this weekend.”

School officials at Lake-Lehman said since the outbreak the mats were cleaned and other health precautions were taken.

During the tournament, the coaches said they`ll have their wrestlers shower in between matches.

“It`s skin to skin contact and that`s how it`s transmitted so you need to take it seriously, it`s not something to joke around,” said Wyoming Area Head Coach Steve Mytych.

“We feel it`s okay,” said Scranton Prep wrestler Chad Ryan. “We brought some chlorox, bleach wipes for extra precautions. We’re alright with it. They clean the mats good and they’re going to clean it as we`re wrestling, so it will be alright”

Parents said they trust the tournament`s organizers, and this competition is too important to miss.

“He’s senior this year, this is it,” said Lackawanna Trail parent Mark Darling. “What he does this weekend, it`s either you go on or you`re done.  He`s been doing it for 12 years so this is you do it or you don`t do it.”

The tournament continues at 11 a.m. Saturday with the championship match scheduled for 6 p.m.