Wrestling Match Still On Despite Virus Concerns

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The superintendent of Lake-Lehman School District said Thursday a sixth wrestler tested positive for the skin virus known as herpes gladitorium which causes skin lesions and blisters.

Parents of some wrestlers who will be competing in the district wrestling meet at Lake-Lehman this weekend said the match should have been moved.

The gym at Lake-Lehman High School will play host to the District II wresting matches Friday and Saturday even though a sixth student wrestler there tested positive for herpes gladitorium this week.

Doctors said the virus is passed through skin to skin contact, and will stay with the person for life.  Officials at Lake-Lehman said they have cleaned the mats and taken other steps to make sure the school is safe to host the district meet.

One of the teams taking part in this weekend`s districts is the Meyers Mohawks.  The coach at Meyers said he is taking extra steps to keep the team safe, such as making them take showers between each wrestling match and making them wear new singlets before every time they hit the mat.

Dan Rosengrant’s grandson wrestles for Meyers High School in Wilkes-Barre. Rosengrant said despite all the precautions the schools are taking he is still concerned about the health of his 15-year-old grandson.

“Just keep showering as much as you could in warm water and keep watching out for sores that break out or anything,” said Rosengrant.

Officials at Lake-Lehman High School said everything is clean and safe for the district two meet tomorrow and Saturday.