Modular Home Built by High School Students

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A new home is going on the market in Lycoming County.

It is not just any home, but the result of a real-life lesson for the high school students who built it.

The finishing touches are all that are left before the modular home goes on sale.

It has taken two years for students at Williamsport Area High School to build the home from start to almost finished.

"Last year we did drywall, we did most of the finish work around here. It looks pretty good," said senior Chris Utter.

This was no textbook lesson, but a hands-on experience in home construction. The two-bedroom, one bath classroom gave students the training they hope will help them on the job.

"We're going to do this in the real world, not just in school. If I'm learning about it now, it's setting me up for my whole career," added senior Victor Esposito.

Teacher Randy Williamson said it is tough to teach real world in the shop. So the school district footed the nearly $20,000 to build the home.

Starting next month, Williamson said all the hard work will pay off and the home will go to the highest bidder.

"When I look around and see what the kids had done, I think of the mudding, dry wall and stuff, it takes some years to get used to and get good at, these kid stepped up and got it done," said Williamson. "If we get the material cost out of it, we're good. It's helping tax payers, helping kids, everyone benefits from it."