Complaints Lead to Truck Inspections

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Police in Lackawanna County are keeping a closer eye on big rigs that travel through the county.

Neighbors complaining of too much noise from trucks driving to marcellus shale wells prompted police from Scranton and Clarks Summit to run more safety checks on the trucks.

Since the mrcellus shale boom, folks who live in Clarks Summit say it’s sounded a lot different in borough.

“You look out your rear view mirror when you hear them coming behind you,” said Tom Landers of Glenburn.

Police say the increased truck traffic may be a fact of life. But, numerous noise complaints from neighbors prompted police to step up enforcement of safety regulations with an impromptu inspection stop.

The inspections were on State Street, also Routes 6 & 11, just outside Summit Cigar.

“Well, right off the road we can certainly feel the vibrations of the truck in both directions and of course we can hear them. They’re also very loud. So, I understand why law enforcement is here today,” said Frank Emmett, who owns Summit Cigar.

Police from Clarks Summit and Scranton ran checks on more than 20 trucks. And found plenty of problems like bad brakes and overweight trucks.

While our cameras were there, one trucker was handed a long list of fines totalling $700.

Routes 6 & 11 take you out to Susquehanna and Wyoming counties where there is a lot of marcellus shale drilling. The routes converge into a two lane highway right in Clarks Summit

This was the first truck inspection like this in Clarks Summit, and police hope it sends a strong message to truckers travelling through.