Sex Abuse Hearing Leads to Supporters’ Outbursts

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A child sex abuse hearing at a district justice's office near Mount Pocono in Monroe County turned aggressive.

It all happened after a judge ruled a couple will head to trial for allegedly having sex with an underage girl.

Supporters of the couple from Northampton County didn't want the media around.

Cassandra Smith and Christopher Hickler of Bangor are facing several charges for giving a minor alcohol and drugs then having sex with the girl.

Police said the crime took place inside a home in Pocono Summit in July of last year while the couple was taking care of the teen.

The couple are friends with the teen's mom.

The teen took the stand in court and told the judge while Smith and Hickler were taking care of her for a month, twice the couple gave the teen alcohol, let her smoke marijuana and use cocaine.  On both times, the couple had sex with her.

The judge ordered Smith and Hickler to stand trial for the crimes.

It wasn't until after the hearing near Mount Pocono when things got heated.

After the media left the courtroom, two of the couple's supporters demanded the media to stay away.

The first confrontation happened after Cassandra Smith left the courtroom out the back of the building.

One of the women got out of the car and yelled at the television and newspaper crews shouting, "Get away from me now!"

Then she sped away to the front of the building to pick up Christopher Hickler. At this point, two women were shouting and pushing the media crews.

One woman yelled, "Get the (expletive) outta here, psycho! You like harassing pregnant women, too?  I'll sue you."

The other woman demanded, "Get away from my car.  Go in there and get a cop right now!  I'm pressing charges."

No one was hurt as the two women confronted the media.

Cassandra Smith and Christopher Hickler are now headed to trial on sex charges.