Seniors Celebrate Mardi Gras

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Some senior citizens kicked off their Mardi Gras celebration early Tuesday afternoon. For most of them, Mardi Gras was just another reason to throw a party.

From food, to music, games and dancing, their day was filled with fun activities and a break from their normal routine at the Falls Senior Center in Wyoming County.

Twila Watkins is the manager of the senior center in Falls and said events like this give the seniors a chance to socialize and have some fun.

"It does break up their day. People come here for social interaction. We have a nutritious meal at noon, and besides, they form friendships," said Watkins.

As people entered the room they were greeted with beads and festive hats that were donated from a friend of one of the seniors.

Marie Dowse and her girlfriends made it clear that they came for the games and to party. They let everyone know, you're never too old to have a good time.

"Just because we're elderly, people still care and we're still young enough to participate in fun things, you know we don't just sit home and do nothing," said Dowse.

This Mardi Gras party is just another way for them to break up their day, and even wear some festive hats.

"Oh, it's great. It's a place where people can come where we can practice some of the skills that we've picked up over the years, and people can have some fun, hopefully as much as we do, and it's just a wonderful opportunity for all of us I think," said Ron Jackson from Falls.

He and his friend Gene teamed up for this Mardi Gras party. They added something a little extra for the folks who came out, a little music, and some good dancing.