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Officer, Resident Hurt in Fire

Police want to know if a fire in Shenandoah Monday night was deliberately set, according to a search warrant officers have.

The blaze put one woman in the hospital and a police officer helped save another.

Officials said the fire started on the second floor of a duplex on West Center Street.

Christine Hanlon was able to escape from her home but suffered burns. She was taken to a hospital.

The woman who lived downstairs, landlord Assunta Karambelas, escaped unharmed, thanks to police officer Christopher Zubris. He led her out of the burning building and was hurt in the process.

“I was able to see through the windows of the downstairs floor. I saw there was a female still in the building,” Zubris said. “Some burning material from the building fell on the side of my face and jacket.

“I pray for them. The policeman will give his life to save me, so I really appreciate it. I pray for them every day,” Karambelas said.

She is well known in the neighborhood.

“She put tens of thousands of dollar’s worth of material into this property. I told her I want to put her on video, Grandma Mason. She built a patio by herself,” said friend Joseph Penbara.

A police search warrant reports Hanlon, the woman who was burned, told officers that a kerosene heater started the blaze. That court document also states authorities want to determine if it is a case of arson.

The cause of the fire is under investigation officials said it will be several days before they know the cause of the blaze.

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