Neighbors Frustrated Meth Lab Damaging Reputation

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Neighbors in one Monroe County community say they are shocked after police believe two people in their community were cooking the powerful drug methamphetamine while caring for their toddler.

Neighbors are also concerned the crime is giving their community a bad reputation.

Neighbors living near the home in the community of A Pocono Country Place are upset and in disbelief after Pocono Mountain Regional Police said they discovered a fully-operational meth lab inside.

"Scary. Would have never thought or suspected," said Eddie Wood of Tobyhanna.

Police said Brian Eyet and Michelle Casella, both of Tobyhanna, were cooking and distributing methamphetamine while caring for their 15-month-old son.

"Probably can't say it on camera. Probably should euthanize the parents," said Wood.

"It's shock. It really is shocking because they're very quiet people, you never see them," said Mike Stroessner of Tobyhanna.

Police said on Sunday night they came to the home where Eyet and Casella live to investigate the welfare of a child.

When they arrived officers said they found marijuana in the home and a suspected meth lab in the garage.

Police said the meth was in the "cooking" stage, which is when it's most volatile and hazardous.

The state police, the fire department and ambulance crews were immediately called in for back up.

Police interviewed Eyet and Casella. Casella admitted she bought Sudafed products, a key ingredient to make meth, because Eyet "had a cold."

Casella also admitted she knew Eyet was cooking meth but didn't know it was going on in her house.

"This is a wonderful place to live. I wouldn't live anywhere else but in this Pocono County Place. We always get a bad rap. I don't want one bad apple to destroy us all," said Stroessner.

"This is an awesome place. It just gets a bad rap. It really does," said Wood.

Both Brian Eyet and Michelle Casella are in the Monroe County Jail.

Each is facing numerous drug charges plus endangering the welfare of their child.

Their son is in protective custody.