Gas Prices on the Rise

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Presidents' Day weekend brings news that gas prices continue to rise.

The American Automobile Association, AAA, predicts the price of a gallon of regular unleaded could top $4 per gallon by the end of April.

Drivers filling up their tanks in Dunmore are shelling out more and more for a gallon of gas, with prices ranging from $3.69 per gallon of unleaded to $3.75.

AAA said they could top $4 by the end of April.

Gas prices in the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area are up about 50 cents compared to this time last year.

"They seem to constantly be going up. You don`t see them going down too often. So I guess we just have to live with it at this point and don`t go as far I guess," said Scott Walck of Throop.

Scott Weissenberg is heading back to Connecticut after visiting family and said gas is cheaper here than at home but still is tough on the wallet.

"Round trip is more than a tank of gas, so a car like this, now it's over $60. A few months before it was $45, $50, now you`re spending $65 for a trip. So it's definitely more difficult," Weissenberg said.

AAA said problems in the Middle East has led to the increase in fuel prices.

Rebecca Penny said the high cost of gas and a long commute already had her making a change.

"I live up in Harford and I've been driving to Scranton and it's just too far. I can't afford the gas to drive down here, so I had to look for other work closer to home," Penny said.

Gas prices affect many local businesses. At Mamma Mia's Pizza in Clarks Summit, delivery drivers are concerned by the rising costs.

"It depends every day. It's constantly fluctuating and as a delivery driver it's hard to make ends meet because I have to pay for my gas. Luckily I get compensation, one dollar per delivery," said Momma Mia's driver Justin Jones.

For many drivers the prospect of $4 per gallon is scary and AAA said pain at the pump is only expected to get worse.

The all-time high for unleaded is $4.11 back in July, 2008.