Former Professor to be Extradited for Child Pornography

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A former professor at Bloomsburg University has decided not to fight extradition. Gary Doby was arrested in December and faces several charges of child pornography in Oklahoma.

Prosecutors in Oklahoma accuse him of working with a former elementary school teacher there to make child pornography.

Tuesday Doby learned he will be sent there to face the charges.

The 65-year-old man from Luzerne County faces several counts of child pornography. Investigators in Oklahoma said Doby and a former elementary school teacher there made a deal to create pornography using her students.

Police in Oklahoma said that teacher, Kimberly Crain, used to be a third grade teacher. She was also arrested in December. She allegedly took pictures of young children wearing bras and panties during a party at her house.

Police in Oklahoma said she had the children "Skype" with Doby, who is a former professor at Bloomsburg University. According to a spokeswoman at the university, Doby retired in 2008.

A judge in Columbia County said authorities have until March 13 to come here to get Gary Doby and take him to Oklahoma to face the charges.