Chasing Away Winter in Schuylkill County

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Monday was Hoodie Hoo Day, a time is set aside to chase away winter, and one of our area's most unique traditions.

One woman in Schuylkill County said this winter is nothing compared to what she remembers, but they still were yelling "hoodie hoo!"

The idea is to make lots of noise to scare away winter. Folks came out to the Schuylkill Haven High Rise for Hoodie Hoo Day. Part of the event is to wear crazy hats too.

"This is my first year to do it and I wanted to see what it's all about," said Deborah Alspach of Schuylkill Haven.

In the crowd was 93-year-old Helen Farley. She said the recent winters are a nuisance compared to what she remembers.

"I can remember going to school with wet underwear because it was up around our waist and we had to walk," Farley recalled. "We had snowstorms that you couldn't see through, so it's much different."

Then it was time for the crowd to scare winter away with a lot of shouting.

"We used to have to go get a loaf of bread through a tunnel of snow on Liberty Street. The tunnel was higher than me at the time when I was a kid. I was only 10 years old," Farley added.

Some say we've had a mild winter by many standards so it's anybody's guess what kind of winters the children on hand Monday will experience as they grow up.