Cash Mob Hits Pizza Place

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You may have heard of flash mobs, where people break out in dances in public places.

Some students in Scranton broke out their wallets Monday afternoon as a cash mob descended on a local business.

It was a different kind of lunch rush at Vincenzo's on North Main Avenue.

Hungry West Scranton High School students descended on the pizzeria as part of a so-called cash mob.

The whole idea was to help their neighbors by pumping money into a local business.

Students used social media to spread the word.

"We just chose a place and time and we just made a Facebook group and we posted every day to make sure people would come," explained West Scranton senior Belinda Souriavong.

More than 50 students showed up with their wallets and their appetites.

The cash mob is also part of the school's upcoming spirit week.

"It was on our scavenger hunt list and we just thought it would be great to help out a local business and give them a lot of money, give back to someone who helps us," said student council president Adam Noone.

Teacher Rick Bresser said the cash mob is also a lesson of sorts for the students outside the classroom walls.

"It teaches them to be respectful of the areas they live in and try to support those who do a lot to support you as students as well as members of the communities," Bresser said. "Vincenzo's is a huge part of west Scranton. They donate to the school, the local little league, the churches."

Owner Vincenzo Cicco said he appreciates the business West Scranton students bring to his restaurant.

"Today was a holiday so we're usually not that busy, so it's nice that we'll keep busy. It leaked out to us that it might be happening, so we were lucky enough to put some extra staff on to be ready to handle it," Cicco said.

The students said with good food it was easy to help out.

"It's a good feeling to give back to the community especially when they support us, the student body of West Scranton High School. It's a good feeling," said senior Devaugh Chollette.

Students get points for each item they bought at the pizzeria today.

The class with the most points come spirit week in April gets a trophy and, perhaps more importantly, bragging rights.

As of now the senior class is winning.