Businesses Report Profitable Holiday Weekend

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Businesses in Monroe County took advantage of the nice weather this holiday weekend.

Despite the lack of snow some resorts had hoped for, retailers in Stroudsburg said they are thankful for the mild weather.

Businesses lining Main Street in downtown Stroudsburg are thankful the weather has been cooperative, especially for people who wanted to spend the Presidents’ Day holiday weekend shopping around.

“Saturday was a busy day, Sunday was a nice day. The weather was good so that brought a lot of people in town,” said Trish D’Imperio of Aardvark Sports Shop.

She added business on the holiday was steady, filled with people taking advantage of being able to enjoy a mild February day off.

At Scarpelli’s Italian Specialties they too profited from the good weather.

The manager said the weekend drew a big crowd and the holiday too was steady.

“No snow is a good thing for businesses I think on the streets, foot traffic definitely helps,” said Brianna Scarpelli.

Presidents’ Day may not have gotten the inches of snow many of the resorts were really hoping for but the weather made it easy for people to take their time while strolling downtown.

“I guess the skiing conditions would be better if it was snowing but if you’re not going to go skiing it’s kinda easier to walk around, drive around,” said Matthew Tepel of Manhattan.

“It’s cute. It’s nice to walk around. Lots of little shops,” said Kara Mendoza of Manhattan.

Other couples were disappointed to find some stores they were hoping to shop at were closed, but that didn’t stop the couple from enjoying the town.

“Picking up jewelry, but she’s closed. So now we’re going to go into Dunklebergers,” said Lisa Bloise of East Stroudsburg.