A Presidents’ Day Warm-up

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It has been a mild and tame winter, compared to last year.

Presidents' Day 2011 was no walk in the park. A snow storm blew through the region leaving nine inches of snow on the ground and dropped our temperatures to zero a few days later.

Presidents' Day, 2012, is a whole different story.

Plenty of sunshine filled the sky Monday and the mild temperatures brought people in Bloomsburg out of their homes.

Terri Drucker, a teacher at Bloomsburg High School, took advantage of her day off and jumped on her bike with her daughter.

"Normally we would drive, yeah, but it`s so nice out for February so we decided to take a ride," said Drucker.

Others decided to hit the parks, and since they were going outside anyway, they thought why not let their pets enjoy the sun too.

Out-of-towner Susan Schrag made a stop with her pup at the Susquehanna River to enjoy the sights and this beautiful mild day.

"Our dogs are walking, the dogs wanted to go for a walk, and it`s a lovely day, and I'm happy to see the river," said Schrag who is from Pittsburgh.

Most people we talked to said they love being outdoors in this mild weather, but some said they still miss the wintry weather.

"I think it stinks. I like a lot of snow. I like to play with him in the snow and I miss, I miss the cold, and all the you know. It`s not a normal winter," said Angela King from Bloomsburg.

Temperatures still look like they will be above average for this week, but who knows, maybe march will come in like a lion.