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THON 2012 Slideshow

Posted on: 11:49 am, February 21, 2012, by , updated on: 12:40pm, March 26, 2012

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  • Students from PSU Wilkes-Barre show their support.

  • The Carter family tells the crowd how THON helped their family.

  • This is little Charlie Beecher. His father really poured in the emotions talking about how much his little boy is getting from the Four Diamonds Fund.

  • The crowd was wild during the final hour. You would never know that many in the building had been on their feet for 2 days.

  • Students gathered in circles and swayed as photos of kids who lost their battle to cancer were shown on the screen.

  • Numerous families took the stage to talk about their ordeals with childhood cancer and to thank THON for all the help.

  • The fencing team got creative!

  • In the final hour of THON a band really got the crowd going.

  • In the end, a new record. $10.68 million. More than $1million above last year's record.

  • And they were pretty good dancers too!

  • PSU football team.

  • Unity.

  • The football team of course got all kinds of cheers.

  • The Four Diamonds Symbol was a popular one in this crowd.

  • Newswatch 16's Renie Workman and photographer John Shema interviewed Jim Bush about THON's impact on his grandson.

  • There are kids all over the Bryce Jordan Center this weekend.

  • Renie Workman interviews Kristin Jenkins of Turbotville. She's a member of the Blue Band and danced for two days straight.

  • The lacrosse team rolled up their pant legs and wore black Nikes, just like JoePa always did... a nice tribute.

  • He did his signature pushups.. For the Kids.

  • The lion was of course the star of the show.

  • The kids are involved in everything here!

  • Families and children who have battled cancer paraded across the stage at one point. There were so many of them and a lot of them were from northeastern and central PA.

  • Mario wanted to be a Newswatch 16 reporter.

  • This is Jim Bush from Mount Carmel and his grandson Mario. Mario was diagnosed with cancer at only 9 weeks old.

  • Mason Dantone of Bear Creek was diagnosed with cancer at 4 years old. He said he was having a blast at THON with PSU student Ariana Gianacopoulos.

  • The men's gymnastics team stole the show with all kinds of flips and tumbles.

  • The hockey players put on quite a show.

  • Very interesting attire for the men's hockey team!

  • Pep rally.

  • During the pep rally, each PSU athletic team got up to do a dance. This is the field hockey team.

  • The Bryce Jordan Center was filled to capacity by 9am Sunday with people wanting to be part of the final hours of THON.

  • Saturday there was a talent show for the Four Diamonds kids. They sure have talent!

  • The twirler was throwing that baton up near the roof of the BJC.

  • Vincent Carrano interview.

  • Vincent Carrano of Pottsville.

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Newswatch 16 Live Streaming

NOW with Newswatch 16 replays!