A Warm Winterfest

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Our warmer than normal weather is actually good for the winter festival in Jim Thorpe where the mild temperatures are bumping up business.

Shops in downtown Jim Thorpe are gearing up for what they hope will be a busy Winterfest weekend.

Anne Marie Fitzpatrick has her shelves filled with merchandise for the tourists.

"We have items on sale and clearance items, and we will be serving spiced apple juice for our customers all weekend," said Fitzpatrick. "We're hoping to bring a lot of business into town. We really need it right now."

Business owners hope the warmer weather will actually bring more visitors than last year.

The Inn at Jim Thorpe is expecting a 20 percent increase in business for this weekend's Winterfest 2012.

"It's usually a busy weekend anyway for us because it`s Presidents'  weekend, so we usually have a full house, and we`re pretty much sold out, almost sold out," said Nancy Zeigler of Inn at Jim Thorpe.

Some tourists came early to check out the old sights and shops.

"Well we did get some information on it the oldness of it and things from the past, and we wanna check out some of the restaurants," said Betsy Schrusch from Pottstown.

Candy shop owner Mike Guy is looking forward to the festival, not only to gain business but to watch people have a little fun during the winter.

"Every year on Presidents' Day we try to do something to liven the winter up, so we have ice carvers this weekend coming. Last year we added wood carvers, chain saw carving," said Guy.

Even though the warm temperatures may not help the ice sculptures, it will be great for tourists to get a chance to come on down and visit Jim Thorpe.