Layoffs Possible at Bradford County Plant

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Dozens of people in Bradford County may soon be out of a job.

Global Tungsten and Powders Corporation in Towanda announced it will be reducing 150 positions.

The company manufactures wire and phosphor used in things like incandescent light bulbs.

One of Bradford County's biggest employers, Global Tungsten and Powders has announced it will eliminate 150 jobs over the next year.

For some employees, a company spokesman said, that will mean retirement, a transfer or, for fewer than half, layoffs.

GTP blames a drop-off in sales of the wiring the plant near Towanda makes for incandescent light bulbs. Those bulbs are being phased out altogether, leading to the lesser demand.

GTP employs 950 people north of Towanda on a sprawling campus of manufacturing buildings.  Starting in September, the company plans to begin the job eliminations, and by this time next year GTP expects to employ around 800 people at the facility.

This does not signal, however, that the company is struggling, according to a GTP spokesman who said the manufacturer is expanding and is making parts for fuel cells.