Finally Seeing Some Snow

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In the higher elevations of our area, we saw something on Thursday that we haven't seen much of this Winter, shoveling and plowing snow.

The conditions varied considerably from place to place. Some spots saw almost all rain, but drive a mile away and there were a few inches of snow.

Jefferson Township had a couple inches of rain, but a couple miles away in Jessup there was nothing.

In the Poconos there were snow covered roads. What is usually a normal part of winter in Tobyhanna is a rarity this year.

The valleys may have seen rain, but the Poconos saw snow, one of only a few times this Winter.

“We had a real mild winter and now it's starting to snow closer to Spring! It's kind of crazy," said Susan Earl of Tannersville.

Earl was heading home surprised dealing with all this snow.

“I was in Newfoundland which is real snowy and we were slipping and sliding all over the place up there, so the off roads are really snowy," said Earl.

There were numerous reports of wrecks on snow covered roads. There was a late afternoon crash in Waymart, Wayne County when the snow was coming down real hard.

For those driving out of valley locations, all this snow was a surprise.

“The Lehigh Valley was all rain today so we're heading up to go skiing at elk so we're looking for snow and we've seen it all transition to white stuff as we came up,” said Ben Foltz of Bethlehem.

Susan Wolfe was heading home to snow covered Thornhurst from her snow free workplace.

“It's the mildest winter I've ever seen up here, down in Stroudburg and up here on the plateau, it's very mild,” said Wolfe.

The snow plows haven't had much use this year. However, they were needed in Honesdale on Thursday.

Shovels haven't been necessary that much either, but in much of Wayne Bounty and the Poconos they had to be used too.

While many of those living in the places that got snow may be happy, this is rare this year. Some are happy to see it.

“It's been a real rough winter for the skiers so getting a little snow should help us out a lot,” said Wolfe.

The snow has stopped for the most part, but there are still quite a few slick side roads in the higher elevations of the Poconos.

PennDOT crews were also out on Thursday treating a lot of the state roads.