Valentine’s Day is Big Business

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Valentine's Day is a time to express love and affection, often through gifts of flowers.

Just about everywhere you look inside Lisa's Floral Expressions in Pottsville you will find flowers and balloons for Valentine's Day.

"We try to come up with new ideas, new trends. Some like the Gerbera flowers, some like the roses, mixing them up is one idea and of course the dozen of red roses which is our top seller," said Kim Kuperavage of Lisa's Floral Expressions.

"It's very important to our business because after January, which is usually slow, it really gets us going again for the spring coming up with all the holidays coming," said Lisa McMullin of Lisa's Floral Expressions.

She added the weather has a bearing on profit. "If it was snowing or raining you wouldn't get as much business as you would as if it's nice out. We've seen it for 22 years that`s how I've been in business and that`s what I've seen, so we're very happy to see the sun today."

This is a busy time for those delivering the bouquets.

"Like my whole family delivering, like my two cousins, my brother and a couple of my friends, there are so many deliveries," said Cody McMillin.

Trudy Hupka just received a bouquet from her son. "I am very proud of him because he thought of it and I didn't expect it so he's on his own. He's living in his own house now. To get something like that when he's paying his own bills, is really something," Hupka said.