Treat Your Sweet in the Poconos

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There might not be a better gift on Valentine’s Day, especially for working moms, than to have your loved one take you out to dinner.

That’s exactly what restaurants look forward to on Valentine’s Day and pull out all the stops for their guests.

At Le Persil in Downtown Stroudsburg, the French-inspired restaurant is booked solid with Valentine’s dinner reservations.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for us to shine and showcase all the dishes we have,” said Le Persil owner Jovita Martell.

On the menu, of course, is chocolate mousse and osso bucco, both of which had to be prepared hours before guests arrived. Other menu items took days of preparation.

“This is one of the holidays that we can get a lot of bookings and we are prepared,” said Martell.

At the Willowtree Inn for the first time in 10 years, the owner said, she opened for lunch on Valentine’s Day due to customer demand. She is also expecting a full house for dinner, which she is thankful for, especially in these tough economic times.

“It’s one of our highlights of the winter season and we’ve chosen to do a very eclectic, food- driven menu,” said owner Kat Nunn.

Inside the kitchen, chefs at the Willowtree on Ann Street were busy prepping for lunch and trying to get an early start on dinner.

“You have to let your chefs strut their stuff as much as they can,” said Nunn.