School Closings And Delays

Sharing Resources Could Save Money

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Athletic fields in the Bloomsburg Area School District were underwater after the September floods so the district partnered with Bloomsburg University, sharing the university's facilities.

Bloomsburg University now wants to make that partnership permanent.

Students in the Bloomsburg Area School District know what it's like to play ball on college fields. They have been playing their outdoor sports at Bloomsburg University after the district's fields were damaged by the September floods.

"We have a great relationship with Bloomsburg University and we're thankful of what they offered us because we had no place to turn," said Bloomsburg Area Superintendent Cosmas Curry.

The university is now considering a plan to build new athletic field on 64 acres of land next to the campus. The land is owned by the Bloomsburg University Foundation. The executive director said the foundation is interested in sharing the new fields with the school district.

"Is there a way we can blend all of the community's needs when we develop this land? There would be a number of boards coming together on that," said Jerome Dvorak, Executive Director of the Bloomsburg University Foundation.

"They really want to know if we're interested so they know how many to put in so they have enough for us in addition to the university," said Curry. He added combining the use of the fields would save money for both sides. "There would be a cost savings in terms of equipment, facilities, and maintenance of facilities."

All of this is still in the preliminary stages. The superintendent said the district is doing a study to weigh the pros and cons of sharing athletic fields with Bloomsburg University. The school board is expected to make a decision in June.