Police Searching for Suspected Copper Thief

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Police in the Poconos need help to find a man accused of stealing copper from homes in several communities.

Police said John Black of Tobyhanna was arrested and thrown in jail but then he got out on bail and took off.

One neighborhood near Canadensis has been the target of copper thieves who recently broke into several homes and stole copper wiring.

"I think it's sad. There's so many other ways you can make money, you can get a job, you can do it honestly," said Karyn Harnden of Canadensis.

Earlier this month, Barrett Township Police arrested two suspects, Sean McCann of East Stroudsburg and Black.

Police said the two men were caught after breaking into a home on Wildwood Lane near Canadensis.

Police said a neighbor heard glass breaking and saw flashlights inside, but knew the homeowners were away.

When police arrived, the two suspects were still inside the house. Police immediately arrested McCann and Black and they were locked up.

Now police are searching for John Black after he made bail then skipped out on a court appearance last week.

"He's a suspect for other thefts throughout our county. He's a strong person of interest for us to locate," said Chief Steven Williams of the Barrett Township Police Department.

Once word got out that someone was stealing copper from the community, a concerned neighbor stepped forward and wrote a letter letting everybody know keep their eyes peeled.

"It just said dear neighbor this is what's been going on in your neighborhood, what to look out for and don't be afraid to call 911 if you see any suspicious activity," said Harnden.

Now that one of the suspected thieves is on the loose, neighbors are taking the letter more seriously.

"John Black, I hope you turn yourself in or somebody you know turns you in and you serve your time and you're sorry for what you did," said Harnden.

"It just gives him an incentive to come back here again and do it. There are quite a bit of homes in this area that are vacant and in foreclosure with the way the economy is," said Joe Smith of Canadensis.

If you know where John Black is, you're asked to call Barrett Township Police Department at 570-595-3476.