Police Make Arrest in Lackawanna County Burglaries

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Police in Lackawanna County arrested a man who they said has been burglarizing his neighbors' homes for months.

Sean Martini is accused of committing 10 burglaries in the same neighborhood.

Many in the neighborhood in Moosic have followed Tony Allen's example, installing security systems and paying more attention to what is going on on their street.

"We've got the lights on, security, dead bolts, everything," Allen said.

His home is one of almost 20 homes burglarized in the borough of Moosic over the past four months.

Police made an arrest in the latest 10 burglaries. Sean Martini of Moosic faces more than a dozen charges, including burglary and criminal trespassing. Police said he stole money and jewelry from his own neighbors at 10 homes very near his own.

Police said they were able to piece all the burglaries together because of some patterns in the crimes. One of those patterns they are still looking into is whether or not Martini drugged some of his victims' dogs to keep them quiet.

"He used duct tape at every house. He poisoned some dogs, every house had a dog he poisoned. Certain things lead to the same houses he was hitting," said Moosic Police Officer James Giehl.

Moosic police said all of the poisoned dogs recovered. They are still trying to figure out what substance Martini may have used.

Sean Martini is currently locked up in Lackawanna County jail.