New Details in Double Homicide

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Investigators are trying to figure out a motive for a double homicide over the weekend in Susquehanna County, but right now many aspects of the crime remain a mystery.

Instead of answers, there are only more questions in the weekend’s double homicide in Susquehanna County.

Lloyd Thomas remains in prison facing homicide charges, despite telling investigators he fired his gun in self defense.

According to court papers, Thomas has not told police much else, creating a lot of questions about how and why the shooting took place.

In those court papers, Thomas initially said one of the men came to the door of his father’s house near Great Bend unarmed. Thomas reacted and shot the man. Thomas would not say what he was reacting to or why he felt like his life was in danger.

Investigators now say Thomas did not know his victims, Joshua Rogers and Gilberto Alvarez and that the two men went up Pine Ayre Road for a reason, but investigators won’t say what that reason was.

According to family members, both Rogers and Alvarez were in the military.

Susquehanna County District Attorney Jason Legg said though Thomas did not know his victims, the victims had a specific reason for being at the home on Pine Ayre Road.

Legg would not say if the two men were carrying weapons.

“Obviously, we’re only two days into this so state police are still, as of today, doing interviews and conducting an investigation to try and get a better idea of what happened Saturday and what led to it,” Legg said.

Legg said he is unsure if Lloyd Thomas’ argument of self defense is valid. If the case goes to trial, Thomas will have to convince a jury that his life was in danger and any reasonable person would have done what he did.