Change of Venire Denied for Sandusky Trial

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A judge in Centre County has given accused child molester Jerry Sandusky much of he wanted as he approaches trial.

Judge John Cleland in Centre County agreed with the defense, and some of Sandusky’s bail restrictions have been eased.

The former Penn State assistant football coach has been under house arrest since December when he was hit with additional counts of molesting children in Centre County.

Sandusky and his attorney were in Centre County court Friday, and Monday morning a judge ruled on several issues brought by the defense.

Sandusky can have meet with his grandchildren. There are 11 of them ranging in age from two to 14 years old. That has been forbidden since December.

Sandusky can have adult visitors at his State College home, again something that had been forbidden since December.

Sandusky can leave his home to meet with his attorney and work on his defense.

The prosecution tried to keep Sandusky from using his back yard deck, because it’s next to a school and some parents were worried. The judge denied the prosecution’s request.

The prosecution also asked to have a jury from outside Centre County hear the trial. A deputy attorney general said it is due to the influence Penn State and Sandusky’s Second Mile charity have in the community. A judge said the prosecution failed to prove its case so a jury from Centre County will hear the child sex abuse case against Sandusky.

The trial is tentatively scheduled to begin May 14.