Car Crashes into Store

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A car crashed into a convenience store in Lackawanna County Wednesday afternoon, causing quite a bit of damage and commotion.

Customers at the Convenient Food Mart on Brick Avenue in Scranton got quite a scare after the car hit the building just before noon, shattering glass, damaging the wall and sending people inside scrambling.

Ruth Cerminaro saw it happen.

"Well I was at the stop sign and I heard this big noise and I saw the car going into it and then it looked like they went into it again. Then they backed up and then a man got out of the car, then everybody started coming out screaming," Cerminaro said.

Scranton police said the driver of the car told investigators he hit the clutch instead of the brake.

The store owner said there were two employees and several customers inside when the car hit the building. One of those customers said it was a scary situation.

"It sounded like a bomb, but then I saw the car," Pat Williams said. She was standing just steps away moments before the crash. "I had just walked away from the window, from the counter there and I went over to play my numbers. I was playing my numbers and all of a sudden, it sounded like an explosion and this car came right in, pushed the window in. The man standing by the window turned to get away and the lady went flying across the floor."

Police said one woman complained of back pain after being knocked down by another person getting out of the way of the car, but there were no serious injuries.

No charges are expected to be filed after the crash.

Store owners said workers were called in to fix the damage and the store was able to reopen.