Beavertown’s Mayor’s Newest Title

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The mayor of a relatively small borough in Snyder County has received a big honor.

Out of all the mayors in the United States, Mayor Cloyd Wagner of Beavertown has the title of Mayor of the Week until Wednesday. It's part of Reader's Digest magazine's We Hear You America contest.

Mayor Wagner said the honor still hasn't sunken in.

Wagner has been mayor of Beavertown in Snyder County for more than two decades. Now that's he's been named Mayor of the Week by Readers Digest magazine, he's trying to get used to the national recognition.

"It came as a surprise and, quite frankly, I wear 27 different hats and I'm so busy it hasn't really soaked in," Mayor Wagner said.

He is one of only 16 mayors in the U.S. to receive the honor from Reader's Digest. Wagner said he was chosen because he helps make Beavertown a better place.

Many people who live and work there agree.

"He's very dedicated. He's done tours and knows the history. He does speeches about the history behind Beavertown," said Beavertown resident Bill Pheasant.

"He's nice and helps out with the community. It makes the people be a lot friendlier," said Heather Stuck of Beavertown.

In addition to Mayor of the Week, the people of Beavertown are in the running to win another contest by Reader's Digest. They can win $5,000 just by getting your vote to fix up the community building.

"Needs many things to help make it more efficient heat wise. Any cash flow coming in to town would be very beneficial," said Tom Burns of Beavertown.

As part of the We Hear You America contest, 18 communities in the United States will get at least $5,000 each, and Beavertown is close to winning.

Mayor Wagner said he is excited about the possibility of fixing up the borough building, but for now he is still getting used to his current title.

"I'm sure at some point it will be a nice thing on my resume, that I was Mayor of the Week," Wagner added.

The mayor's reign as Mayor of the Week ends at midnight.

To help the residents of Beavertown win $5,000 from Reader's Digest click HERE.

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