A Special Prom for Special Students

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Prom season came a little early Tuesday for hundreds of students in the Berwick area.

As you walked into the Berwick Area High School gym Tuesday, you didn't see a sporting event but you did see hundreds of people having fun. It was a prom put on by the school and some students geared to teens with special needs.

"We do a crown a king and a queen, just like at prom. There is a court, nominated by their school's teacher and it's by random drawing. Nobody feels left out. All the kids get a certificate for being here," said teacher Melissa Driscole.

William Akishofski said he really appreciates all the effort that goes into putting on the prom.

"I like to dance with the ladies. I like to eat food. I like to dance with them. I like to slow dance with the ladies and I like to sit down and have a good time," Akishofski said.

Organizers said the interaction with the special needs students goes on all years long.

"The students work with the kids. They take them to regular education classes, they take them to lunch, they go to gym with them. They're a peer a helper," Driscole added.

"When we do this with them like us kids in the regular classes, it makes them feel like they don't have a disability and makes them happy," said student Taylor Kern.

The prom for special needs students started 12 years ago.

The prom started very small in a classroom and has grown. They are already planning for next year.