A Puppy’s Wild Ride

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If dogs could talk a puppy in Columbia County could tell a wild story.

When dogs ride in pickup trucks, they usually sit in the front seat, but a stray spent his Valentine's Day riding in another spot until he ended up at Alexander Family Buick GMC near Bloomsburg.

The owner of the pick-up truck went to the dealership for some repairs and got quite a surprise.

"We were in the shop and one of the mechanics saw animal legs hanging out from underneath a truck. We went out, I crawled under the truck and saw it was alive," said mechanic Anthony Hill.

He said the puppy was underneath a Ford F250 where the axle is.

"Pulled its legs out from the sway bar and tried to pull its paws out.  I had to yank it out from underneath there," said Hall.

Mechanics Hill and Rob Matthews said the owner of the pickup had no idea the pup was hiding under the truck.  He drove 10 miles to the dealership, hitting speeds of 55 miles an hour with the puppy underneath the entire way.  Somehow the puppy held on.

"He wasn't in shock, which is amazing.  His temperature was normal, he was acting fine," said Allison Dingle, a veterinary technician at The Animal Care Center.

Workers there said the six-month-old pit bull is in very good condition, considering what he went through.

"He's under nourished, needs food and exercise so his muscles get strong, but he's doing well," said Dingle.

Matthews and his wife hope to adopt the puppy.  They have already named him Valentine to remember his wild ride.

"As soon as I saw him he was wagging his tail and happy to see me.  I fell in love," said Matthews.

No one knows how Valentine got underneath the pick-up truck in the first place.  One of the mechanics said he may have been trying to get warm and got stuck.

Matthews hopes to take Valentine home sometime this week.