Neighbors Shocked by Susquehanna County Homicides

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One day after two men were shot to death in Susquehanna County troopers were back on the scene.

Investigators still have not said what may have led to the deadly shootings.

On Sunday, there was a steady flow of investigators, even a state police crime scene unit, showing up to Pine Ayer Road near Hallstead.

There are only four homes on the isolated hill. Neighbors said what happened was a shock.

"It`s just heartbreaking, it really is. Everybody`s upset about it. To know that something happened and Lloyd`s in trouble," said neighbor Vickie Moelder.

State police charged Lloyd Thomas, 45, of Hallstead with the deaths of Joshua Rogers, 30, of New Milford and Gilberto Alvarez, 28, of Florida, who had recently moved to Pennsylvania for work and was staying with Rogers.

Neighbor Hans Moelder was on his way home Saturday when a neighbor flagged him down and said about halfway up the hill, there was a body on the side of the road.

"So I parked my vehicle and went on over and he had said there was a body lying on the side of the road there and he needed some assistance because he doesn't get around well and he was deceased," said neighbor Hans Moelder.

According to court paperwork, troopers found Rogers' body with gunshot wounds to the side and hand.

Investigators discovered Alvarez in the front yard of Thomas' father's home with a gunshot wound to the head.

Police said Thomas was found a short time later, walking back toward the home holding a pistol and rifle with blood on his hand.

Thomas told troopers a man came to the door, he reacted and shot the man. He did not say what he was reacting to, but said he was acting in self-defense.

The Thomas family owns The Outdoorsman gun shop. Neighbors told investigators they heard multiple shots Saturday afternoon, but said that was not uncommon.

"We`ve got a rod and gun club right down the road here. We`ve got a rod and gun club up around the corner a ways. We've got a shooting range, I shoot myself," said Hans Moelder.

"They`re quiet, very quiet people. Very nice people, very nice, do anything for you. They help anybody out that needs help up there," added Vickie Moelder. "I hope this was an isolated incident and it was a self-defense incident and everything will be taken care of and that it`s over. That’s what I hope for and that we get to have our quiet hill back again."

Again, investigators have not yet said exactly what led to the shootings.

Lloyd Thomas is locked up in the Susquehanna County jail on criminal homicide charges and is not eligible for bail.

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