Resorts Coping with Lack of Snow

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Many resort owners in the Poconos are keeping their fingers crossed for the snow to start falling and not stop until after Presidents' Day weekend, which has always been one of their busiest weekends.

However, resorts are prepared for no snow and have other ideas to entertain their guests because for months, they've had to deal with dry land.

Each resort is making the best of it, modifying some activities that traditionally require snow.

A pack of sled dog huskies at Skytop Lodge near Canadensis are likely wondering the same thing we are, which is, 'Where is all the snow?'.

Instead of pulling a sled, the pups are pulling converted off-road golf carts. But for thrill seekers, dogs will also pull scooters.

"It is limited to folks 16 and over. If you're comfortable on a mountain bike you'd probably have fun doing this. The steering and brakes are the same but the dogs are powering the scooter," said owner and operator of the dog sledding at Skytop Lodge, Jared O'Neill.

The mild winter is also allowing Skytop and other resorts to continue offering their fall activities.

"The tree top adventure course is open as well and has been really popular all weekends," said director of sales and marketing for Skytop Lodge, Robert Baldassari.

At the Inn at Pocono Manor, the staff is also dealing with the lack of snow. Their dog sledding team doesn't seem to mind while taking guests on a run through a golf course with no snow.

"What we have to do is train them anyway, to keep them active. You have to do something with them. They are very active animals," said owner and operator of dog sledding at the Inn at Pocono Manor, Susi Marsh.

"We booked in October. Of course we assumed there would be plenty of snow. We were disappointed there was no snow, but we're glad they were carting," said Megan Titus of Delaware.

The dog carting isn't the only activity having to cope without snow. Horse drawn sleighs are also on wheels.

"If there is no snow, we're still out here doing this and it's still a lot of fun especially on a winter like this because it's not bitter cold," said stable owner at the Inn at Pocono Manor, Mark Ecker.

"We have clay shooting, fly fishing in the woods, we have a waterfall, the stables, there's carriage rides," said general manager of the Inn at Pocono Manor, Lisa Green.

Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort is also making due without the snow. It is offering horse drawn carriages instead of sleighs.  They are also offering more nature walks which usually end in the fall.