Four From PA Killed In Florida Wreck

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Six people from our area were involved in the crash Wednesday in Florida.

Four from Northumberland County died, two from Lycoming County were hurt.

It happened not far from Everglades National Park in south Florida.

Police said a car driven by James Rosini of Coal Township went through a flashing red light and was hit by a van driven by David Dahl of South Williamsport. He and his wife were hurt.

James Rosini was a former Northumberland County judge and district attorney. Rosini, his wife, Patricia, brother, William and a family friend, Deborah Korbich, were killed.

"It's sad. Like I told you it's a great loss for Northumberland County, it's a great loss," said friend Vinny Clausi.

At the Northumberland County Courthouse in Sunbury and other county facilities, flags were flown at half staff. Inside the buildings there was sorrow.

"It's such a horrific loss that it's going to take and it's going to take us a very long time to get past this, but we have a great staff in there that will do everything that they can," said Rosini friend Commissioner Stephen Bridy.

James Rosini was a former district attorney, a judge and lately an assistant solicitor for county government.

"The reason we brought him on board because he was an asset to the county. He was a job and it was a wonderful job for him and for us because we learned a lot from him," Clausi added.

Patricia Rosini was well known, too. She helped run the county's Area Agency on Aging.

"When I came in this morning it's a sight that I don't like to see anyone suffer and when you see the suffering in their eyes it touches your heart so deeply that you have a hard time containing yourself," Bridy added. "I don't like to see people suffer."

"Its just a strange event you couldn't imagine happening," said Joseph Machetti of the Northumberland County Bar Association. "Jim had three children,. We had five and we would share events as they grew up."

Friends said Deborah Korbich lost her husband and went to Florida to take a break from life.

"It's been really hard on her. They had water in teh basement from the flood in September and she's been trying to straighten that out herself. She had a real tough time and we were all glad to see that she got away but this is horrible. This is really horrible," said neighbor Janice Cope.

According to a report from the Florida Highway Patrol the other vehicle was occupied by Joanne and David Dahl of South Williamsport.

Officials said the chances of two families from our area being in Florida in the wrong place at the wrong time are astronomical.