Community Colleges Affected by Proposed Budget

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If Governor Tom Corbett's proposed state budget gets approved, the cuts to education will also impact community colleges.

It's a proposal students attending the Monroe County campus of Northampton County Community College aren't happy to hear.

Neither is the Dean, Matthew Connell.

He said Corbett's proposed state budget will cut the school's funding by $660,000 for next school year.

Connell said if the proposal gets the green light, it will be the second year in a row the community college will face cuts.

"That's on top of a $1.6 million cut we took in the governor's budget last year. So over two years we're talking about a $2.2 million," said Dean Connell.

One thing the community college won't do is pass the burden on to students by increasing the tuition to close the gap.

"We've been holding off on filling positions for a while as well and that saves us a significant amount of money," said Dean Connell.

The college is also sacrificing a degree program they have been planning on adding.

"We have developed a physical therapy assistant program and have it ready to go but we are not able to get it off the ground because we don't have the funding and there is a need for trained physical therapy assistants," said Dean Connell.

Students aren't happy education funding is on the chopping block. Some students are concerned.

"Well I think that's horrible.  Education is always the first thing to go. Whether it's college or grammar school, it always seems to be a major area focused on and it's the students that suffer," said Danielle Tisch of Bartonsville.

"They say the economy is so bad and yet they give people such a hard time to get a decent education to get a decent job to possibly help the economy.  It's just ridiculous," said  Sabrina Margonine of Bushkill.

"They want there to be more jobs and these smart young people can be creating companies to create new jobs, but they don't want to give them the opportunity to," said Virginia Tassone of Bushkill.

The budget deadline is at the end of June.