Redner’s Not Coming Back in Edwardsville

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A supermarket in Luzerne County damaged by the September floods will not reopen.

This announcement comes just one week after Newswatch 16 reported the Kmart in the same plaza in Edwardsville will rebuild.

The Redner's supermarket in the Mark Plaza in Edwardsville is not coming back.

A spokesperson for Redner's said the company decided not to renew the lease with the Mark Plaza because it doesn't make sense to rebuild in a flood plain.

Some people said since Redner's came to Edwardsville 10 years ago, it was the only store they bought groceries from.

"Everybody wants it back. Everybody you talk to wishes it back. Prices were better and a lot cheaper and the people in the store were more friendly," said Sharon Cichon of Edwardsville.

"That was the number one store as far as I`m concerned. It was a go go situation. I used to go there at two o`clock in the morning, three o`clock in the morning. That was open 24 hours a day," said Ralph Nociasta of Plymouth.

And even though there are other supermarkets just up the street from the Mark Plaza, people who now shop at them said they still miss their Redner's.

"Gotta go much further to go get cheaper food. I miss using the card that you swipe for gas.  You can use it here too but they had different deals there over there," said Lani Confletti of Kingston.

Store officials said they haven't decided if they will build a new store to replace the one in Edwardsville.