Robbery Suspects Arrested in Schuylkill County

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Two suspects in a robbery spree that spans two counties were arrested Sunday on other charges after a high-speed chase.

It all began Sunday night when police in Tamaqua tried to make a traffic stop and the driver took off.

When police finally got him to stop they found a stolen gun in the car.

Police from several different communities are investigating to see if the two arrested are linked to a string of convenient store robberies in Schuylkill and Carbon counties.

The two men police picked up and jailed are suspects in seven armed robberies that have been plaguing convenient stores for the past month.

Tysheed Hargrove and Jose Nunez are both jailed after a high-speed chase that police said started with a routine traffic violation. Police said they found a stolen gun in the car.

The latest armed robbery was Saturday night at Fegley Mini Mart in Tamaqua. That was the second time in was robbed in several days. A total of seven recent armed robberies at convenience stores in Schuylkill and Carbon counties had employees and owners on edge.

"Tamaqua police were working especially closely with us on it. They were doing a lot of things to keep an eye on the store and that's probably why they caught them so quickly when they started doing that," said Don Fegley of Fegley Mini Mart.

Getting word that police believe they have the two suspects in custody is easing the stress.

"Very frustrated but scared. Mostly it was being on edge and I am overwhelmed right now, stressed. I am relieved through," said Kathy Nicholls of Fegley Mini Mart.

Marlene Kunkel has worked at Fegley Mini Mart in Tamaqua for 16 years. She said the hold-ups have changed her habits.

"You look at everybody that comes in and you look at them in a different way, unless they are regular customers, but the strangers that come in believe me, you watch them," Kunkel said.

The two suspects have not been formally charged with any of the armed robberies. Police said because there are so many cases, that will be left to the state police or possibly even the FBI.

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