Missing Teenager Found

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A pregnant 14-year-old girl from Luzerne County who went missing on Saturday was found safe Monday in Ohio.

Her family said she is eight months pregnant. The 29-year-old man she was with is now under arrest.

Brelyn Miller was last seen on Saturday at the Walmart near Pittston with 29-year-old Clyde Tonkin.

Tonkin is now under arrest. Members of Miller's family are on their way out to Ohio to pick her up.

Newswatch 16 was there the moment Miller's mother, Jodi Miller, found out her daughter was safe.

"They got em. Oh my god! She`s in Ohio. Please tell me. I'm so sorry but you don't understand what this means," said Jodi Miller.

It was the moment a grief-stricken parent learned her missing daughter was safe. Jodi Miller said she hasn't slept since Saturday.

What's when, police said, Brelyn Miller left Pennsylvania with Clyde Tonkin.

Miller and Tonkin were last seen leaving the Walmart near Pittston on Saturday.

Jenkins Township police said the two were found at an Econo Lodge motel outside of Cleveland. Brelyn and her unborn baby were unharmed.

"It was the worst feeling in the world. It was a nightmare. All these terrible thoughts go though your head. Will he hurt her? Would she go into labor. I wasn't just scared for my 14-year-old baby, I was scared for her unborn little girl," Jodi Miller added.

Police told the family Tonkin bought a car from a local dealership Saturday and headed west. Ohio police apprehended him just after noon Monday.

"It`s a great feeling, especially as a parent. You see the attachment and how disheartening it is when you are away from your child and in this case it had a happy ending and we are very happy for," said Jenkins Township Police Chief Frank Mudlock.

Police said Clyde Tonkin faces charges in both Ohio and Pennsylvania. He remains in Ohio.