Hometown Hero Wins Big

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Hynoski mania continues in Columbia County.

Elysburg's hometown hero won a Super Bowl ring Sunday night in Indianapolis.

People in Elysburg, as well as Hynoski's former high school football coach, said they could not be more proud.

Everywhere you look in Elysburg is a sea of red, white and blue. Ribbons and "Go Henry" signs decorate Henry Hynoski's hometown. The fullback for the New York Giants won a Super Bowl ring.

Many Elysburg residents said they couldn't be happier.

"We've been so excited for the entire family. They're a wonderful family. It's great to see Henry go from our local school to the Super Bowl," said Crystal Morelli of Elysburg.

"We're elated. It brought so much hype to the area and good for Henry. He's a great kid. He comes from a great family and we are proud of him," said Brenda Tamanini of Elysburg. She said she watched Hynoski grow up. "My girls cheered for Henry at Southern Columbia. I went to every championship game. I watched Henry all through the years."

Hynoski's former football coach said he is very proud of Henry's accomplishments.

"Very strong character. Great attitude and it's really great to see something like this happen to a player like that," said Southern Columbia head football coach Jim Roth.

He coached Hynoski throughout his high school career. The Super Bowl champion led Southern Columbia High School to four state championships.

"Henry was probably the most determined, relentless player I coached in 32 years," said Roth.

Hynoski didn't disappoint. He had a fumble recovery and made several catches during the big game. Folks in Elysburg said they are looking forward to seeing their hometown hero the next time he comes home.