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Police Believe Robberies are Connected

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The question in Schuylkill and Carbon counties these days is whether the same person is going around robbing gas stations and stores.

Just within the past two weeks at least a half dozen businesses have been hit. Most have the same description of the robber and police think it is the same guy hitting all the stores.

Security video shows the latest armed robbery at the Exxon UniMart near Frackville.

The frightened clerk was Holly Yanett.

"He said, 'No, I just want the money,' as he was taking the gun out of his pocket and cocking it and walking towards me," Yanett recounted. She added the robber seemed to know where all the money was kept. "I was afraid he was going to hurt me and when I looked at him and giving him money from the bank and I nicely and bluntly said not to hurt me, that I have kids. When I looked into his eyes there was an eeriness about him."

Yanett's boss is fearful that she could have been hurt.

"The store has been here for 20 years and this is the first time it got robbed," said store manager Dennis Toter. "You never know what will happen when people come in with guns. They're pretty desperate when they do that stuff."

Police believe the gun-toting bandit is responsible for six armed robberies. In surveillance video the gun is clearly seen in his right hand last Sunday at Fegley Mini Mart in McAdoo.

Back near Frackville, Yanett's life has been changed by her brush with the armed robber.

"Right now I am still having the images of him, and it keeps playing through my head and I have a feeling that`s going to go on for a while," she added.

The Turkey Hill near Hometown was also hit by what police call the serial robber. There are other places that have not been hit and at least one businessman who said if the serial robber targets his place, he is ready for him. He is armed.