MTV’s “Jersey Shore” in PA?

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Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania has said "no thanks" to the possibility of a reality series with MTV.

Not that the cable network ever had any serious interest in filming a spin-off of "Jersey Shore" in Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania, but a public relations stunt got people talking about it quite a bit.

Jersey Shore in Lycoming County might share the same name as MTV's popular reality series.

Beyond that, however, the two have had nothing else in common, until now.

After Hoboken, New Jersey said "no thanks" to a spin-off of Jersey Shore. A local film office suggested MTV should do it here, and pretty soon, the whole community was talking.

“They're out nightclubbing and all that stuff, party girls, fancy hair and makeup. What are they going to find, too cold to go down the river," Said Bonnie Walk of Jersey Shore.

“It's kind of crazy, I think they'd be bored here, I don't know what they'd do,” said Amy Vanemon of Jersey Shore.

Anyone who's seen an episode of Jersey Shore on MTV knows that the cast members tend to run into trouble with the law. So leaders in Jersey Shore Borough said the show's values don't reflect the values of the people in their community. Therefore, they don't have any interest in Jersey Shore or MTV coming to film a reality series there.

“Everybody has commented, have you looked at the TV show itself? My comeback is no I have not," Said Jersey Shore Mayor Denny Buttorff.

Buttorff said he immediately had a situation on his hands. Emails and phone calls from residents who were dead set against cast members like Snooki and Jwoww coming here.

“We don't deny it was a PR stunt, but we are sincere in the fact we do want them to come here and shoot, it's more jobs for local people," Said Lorena Beniquez of the Central PA Film Office.

Beniquez extended the invitation to MTV's spinoff show. She said that does not mean it will come to town.