Man Charged with Infant Abuse

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A man from Bloomsburg is accused of abusing his one-month-old baby.

The infant was just weeks old when x-rays showed she had fractured ribs just after Christmas.

Robert Altieri is behind bars after police said he punched his one-month-old daughter at his home near Danville.

Court papers show Altieri admits hitting the baby after losing his temper on December 29.

Police said the abuse happened in an apartment complex near Danville. According to court papers, the baby was abused twice over a 10-day period in December. The baby's mother took her to the hospital on December 29. That's when doctors discovered the broken ribs.

Police said the child's mother claimed that another child fell on top of the baby.

One of Altieri's neighbors said the family always seemed a little bit odd.

"They just acted weird. When they moved out they threw stuff out their window all over the place trash, dirty underwear and stuff, said former neighbor Tony Mowrer.

Police said Altieri admits hitting the baby one time.  He said he lost control and blacked out.

Mowrer said there is no excuse for hitting a child.

"There's no way I could harm my daughter like that.  How anyone could is unfathomable," said Mowrer.

There is no word on the baby's condition.

Robert Altieri is locked up in the Montour County jail.