Prepping for Super Bowl Sunday

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Super Bowl XLVI is Sunday between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots.

With Super Bowl Sunday just days away, employees at Schuylkill Valley Sports in the Stroud Mall are busy trying to keep team merchandise on the shelves.

With two east coast teams, the Giants and the Patriots, set to battle it out in Indianapolis, store managers said it has been good for business, especially with so many Giants fans in the Poconos.

"It was kind of a surprise, I think for everybody, to have the Giants there, but it`s always a good sales driver when we have a local team in the big game like that," said Tink Lim, manager at Schuylkill Valley Sports.

While there are still shirts and hats for sale, managers at the store near Stroudsburg said they have sold out of some items and did not have as much merchandise as usual.

"This year is a little different because the NFL licensing is changing next year. It`s going from Reebok to Nike and other assorted vendors, so there wasn`t as much merchandise to be gotten for the hot team that makes it. Reebok just didn`t have as much available product as normal. We normally would have had more jerseys and things. We’ve been relying on more conference stuff that was printed up and what we had leftover. So we were a little shorter than normal," added Lim.

Many bars and restaurants are also getting ready for big crowds coming to watch the game on Sunday.

At Jock and Jill`s on Main Street in Stroudsburg, the owner has ordered more food and added extra help.

"We're kind of well-known for our wings, we have 17 different flavors, so we have I think it’s close to 3,000 wings already ordered to take out before the game, for people to take to their homes for their parties," said owner Barry Lynch. "As far as the staff goes, we’re all hands on deck. The line cooks are all in, the chef is here, sous chef is here. We`re adding four additional bartenders and we have three additional bouncers on duty. So it`ll be a full house."

Owner Barry Lynch said he expects several hundred people to watch the Super Bowl at his bar and restaurant.

"Sunday will probably be our busiest Sunday. Having an Irish bar next door, you can imagine some day in March it gets a little busy as well, but Super Bowl Sunday is always a huge day for us and it’s one of the more fun days because it’s always a fun atmosphere, with the rivalries and people cheering for their teams," added Lynch.

Whether watching the game at a bar, or at home, football fans said it is sure to be an exciting game.

"Cause the Giants are my team, can`t wait. My daughter likes New England, so we`re going to go against each other in the Super Bowl and we`re big Super Bowl fans," said Maureen Gerrity of Snydersville.

Maureen Gerrity said it is a tradition to watch the game at her home.

"We’ve had a party for 23 years, this will be the twenty-third. Everybody comes and we set up the basement with food and drinks and big TVs and friends. The Super Bowl’s a good day," said Gerrity. "Football, and rooting for the team. I just wish it was on a Saturday cause everybody has to work in the morning, but I’m excited."