Police: Treasurer Stole from Scouts

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Another treasurer is accused of stealing from the very group she was supposed to serve. This time the alleged victim is the Boys Scouts of America.

Leaders of the Columbia/Montour Boy Scout troop in Danville noticed more than $4,000 missing from the group's account. Police said the organization's treasurer admits to stealing it.

The Boy Scouts of America oversees 60 groups of scouts in central Pennsylvania.  CEO Paul Knox said he knew something was wrong with Troop 37 out of Danville about two weeks ago.

"It was at a time when they owed us popcorn money. They discovered they couldn't pay the bill which was over $1,000," Knox said.

He added the troop's leader noticed more than $4,000 was missing from the checking account. Police then charged the troop's treasurer,,  Tracey Myers of Danville.  Court papers show she admits stealing the money over a four-year period.

"This is a very disappointing thing when adults take money from kids and that's exactly what happened," said Knox.

There are 24 boys in Troop 37. Knox said the scouts do fundraisers throughout the year.

"They raise this money for badges, going to camp, and various different activities," Knox explained.

He said the Columbia/Montour council does a background check on all adults before they are allowed to volunteer.  He said one was done on Myers, but nothing came up.

Myers told Danville police she took the money for personal and medical expenses. She is no longer a part of Troop 37. Knox said situations like this can be prevented.

"In the future they can certainly regulate the bank statements at every meeting. That would have prevented this from happening," said Knox.

According to court papers, Tracey Myers contacted the troop's leader on several occasions offering to pay the money back.

Myers would not comment about the situation.