Phil Says No Early Spring

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Punxsutawney Phil makes his annual prediction early Thursday morning before a crowd of nearly 12,000 people, six more weeks of winter.

The crowd from all over the map converged on Gobbler's Knob just outside downtown Punxsutawney to witness Punxsutawney Phil make his weather prediction.

While the crowd may not have been excited about the prediction for six more weeks of winter, that didn't stop people from celebrating, which started around 3 a.m.

Bill Deeley is the president of the Inner Circle. All 15 members of the Inner Circle wear formal attire out of respect for Phil.

Phil only talks to Deeley because Deeley is the only one who understands the "groundhogese" language Phil speaks.

"Groundhogese is its own little vocabulary. It's blinks, it's gritting of teeth, it's a little bit of everything," Deeley explained.

Once Phil made his prediction for six more weeks of winter, people lined up to meet the furry guy. The prediction of six more weeks of winter didn't matter because Phil drew quite a crowd.

"I'm usually happier when its an early spring but I'll take the six more weeks," said one member of the Inner Circle.

"Fantastic. I loved it. It was the best thing in the world," said Rochelle Linsenbigler of Tafton, who was also celebrating her 50th birthday.

"Had to cross it off my bucket list. Being the birthday, I had to make it at least once. It's like a pilgrimage," said Bill Beslanovits of Orefield.

"I've taught about Punxsutawney Phil to my third graders, all those years to my third graders. This was on my bucket list. This was something I had to do," said Kay Wolfe of Shickshinny.