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Cheering on a Hometown Boy

A “hometown boy makes good” is getting ready to play in Super Bowl 46.

Southern Columbia alumnus Henry Hynoski is a fullback for the New York Giants and he certainly has lots of fans back home.

The burgers are sizzling at the Wayside Inn near Elysburg , but it’s not just any cheeseburger. It’s the Giant Hynoski Burger, two patties, cheese, bacon, barbeque sauce and onion rings, in honor of Henry Hynoski, Northumberland County’s hometown hero.

“My husband and brother both coached him in midget football. They said he was going places back then. The whole area is so excited,” said Wayside Inn owner Karen Appel.

She has been following Hynoski’s career since he started playing almost 20 years ago.

The football player from Elysburg is a fullback for the New York Giants and will make his Super Bowl debut this weekend.

The Fun Shop in nearby Shamokin is one of many stores that has Hynoski fever. Employees said they have been selling out of New York Giants merchandise.

“We have balloons, bows and general things.  People who aren’t giants fans but Henry fans come and get bows and things like that,” Lee Weller of the Fun Shop.

Another way people are getting in the Hynoski spirit is by getting red and blue hair extensions.

“We thought it would be a great way to cheer him on. It’s been a success. You can’t imagine people are coming in here excited also,” said Lauren Zimmerman of Lauren’s Hair Boutique.

“It’s the coal region pride. My sons and I have followed him for years.  We think he’s wonderful and I cried when they beat San Francisco I was so happy for him,” said Bernadette Schuck of Shamokin.

The hair extensions are $10. Lauren’s Hair Boutique will offer them through this weekend.

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