Warm January Weather

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Warm, sunny and beautiful. As amazing as it sounds, those are just a few words to describe the last day of January.

As we close the book on January 2012, it is safe to say it was a mild month.

The unseasonable last day of January brought people out of their homes and into yards and parks to soak up as much sun as possible.

Fourth grader Elizabeth Barrett and her cousin were outside helping their grandmother rake pine cones with a snow shovel.

"It's weird that we're shoveling pine cones in the middle of the winter when we should be shoveling snow," said Barrett.

Avid walker John Graham said he couldn't ask for better walking weather than this and he hopes it lasts till May.

"A little colder and some snow I'll still go out, but I'd go for a little longer on a day like today," said Graham.

"Yeah, I love to come out. After walking I might go walk again, just to go somewhere. Instead of taking the car and going to the post office I might walk down," Graham added.

On the last day of January people took full advantage of the gorgeous weather, getting out and doing all sorts of activities, including washing their cars.

Nick Bolick of Dunmore said he is much happier washing his car than shoveling snow and this whole winter has been great.

"This is a treat, yes. This whole year is a treat, yes," said Bolick.

As for the mild temperatures, they will stick around, but we may see some rain later in the week.