Bishop Visits Sunbury School

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Students at Roman Catholic schools across the country are celebrating Catholic Schools Week.

Children in Sunbury got a special visit Tuesday when the bishop of the Diocese of Harrisburg said mass at Saint Monica Catholic School and toured the school for the first time.

Bishop Joseph McFadden oversees 40 schools and more than 100 churches in the Diocese of Harrisburg.

"It's great to be able to see our children and their enthusiasm and the wonderful work the teachers are doing with them, especially having the opportunity to pray with them," said Bishop McFadden.

The diocesan leader said mass while the children sang, an experience they said they will never forget.

"It was definitely interesting and a lot of fun to see him doing his thing. It was neat to watch someone so inspiring to the whole faith here," said eighth grader Skyla Strocko.

"He has a really busy schedule and that he'd take the time to come here, that's really nice of him to do," said eighth grader Cage Crissman.

It is actually the first time Bishop McFadden has been to Saint Monica Catholic School. After mass he took a tour and met the students.

"As I look at the artwork and what the children are doing you can see the joy on their faces. When you walk into the school you experience a sense of love," said Bishop McFadden.

Saint Monica Catholic School has 130 students. Some of the children's parents came to meet Bishop McFadden and said they were just as excited as the students.

"The bishop coming and the children experiencing it, it's overwhelming for me. I don't know how to describe it. It's just a blessed event," said Diane Bickel of Lewisburg.

"It's a very inspiring event to have Bishop McFadden here today. The kids sang beautifully," said Paula Shoch of Sunbury.

Catholic Schools Week continues through February 5.