Treasurer Admits Stealing from Field Hockey Group

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A woman in Snyder County is accused of stealing thousands of dollars from a group that raises money for a high school field hockey program. She was the organization's treasurer.

The Midd-West Field Hockey Association is a group of parents whose children play field hockey in Snyder County. The group raises money for equipment and camps for the teens, but according to police, the organization's former treasurer is accused of stealing $11,000 of that money.

"I was contacted on November 11 by our bank telling me there was a problem with our account, that it had gone into default," said Troy Freed, President of the Midd-West Field Hockey Association.

According to police, the group's treasurer, Patricia Lightner admitted to writing checks to herself and withdrawing thousands from the organization's checking account over the course of almost three years.

"As she was taking money out she was also funneling money back in to the account. Although it appeared to be $80,000, she was also depositing her money at the same time," said Freed.

Police said Lightner forged the association president's signature on 72 checks so she would be able to cash them. Freed said he had no idea this was going on. Lightner was someone he trusted.

"She's a very good person. Very nice family. Nice kids. Unfortunately she made a bad decision," said Freed.

Freed added the group has taken steps to make sure something like this never happens again.

"We've made some changes with how we do our checking. Hopefully it doesn't happen again. Hopefully we will help another organization from going through this," said Freed.

A hearing is scheduled in March. Police said Lightner has returned all the money she allegedly stole. The Midd-West Field Hockey Association is not affiliated with Midd-West School District.