Possible Animal Abuse

susq dog abuse

There is a possible case of animal abuse in Susquehanna County.

Someone found a dog and brought her to True Friends Animal Welfare Center in Montrose.

The dog, named “Skylar”, is extremely malnourished and dehydrated.

Volunteers at the no-kill shelter said the dog cannot stand on her own, and is blind.

“The vet suspected that she could have been hit in the head with something, hard enough to cause lack of sight and neurological problems. It’s heartbreaking to us that she depended on somebody to take care of her and that she came to us in these conditions,” said President of Board of Directors, Dory Browning.

To contact the shelter call 570.278.1228.

People can mail donations to:

True Friends Animal Welfare Center

PO Box 551

Montrose, PA 18801


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